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The published solution does not contain any installer, so there are some work to do manually for anybody who would like to use it.

All the binaries have to be copied to a local folder which are required for the service to operate:
  • AgentPowerChuteWeb.dll (or your own UPS agent dll)
  • MyUPSMonitor.exe
  • WinSCPnet.dll
  • WinSCP.exe
A new service have to be created with for example the sc create command.

Best to configure the service locally, but also possible doing it remotely, except remote configuration can not perform testing of the settings.
The SmartUPSHelperApp.exe is the configuration tool.

All the configuration element is stored in the registry, under HKLM Software hive. These items are used by the service dynamically. The service creates log entries in Application log.

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