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Project Description
This is a solution to manage local networked devices powered by an UPS while UPS is on battery, or back online.

This is a windows service, and a helper application for configuring the service. The purpose is to manage the networked elements (like Servers, NASes and so on) for UPS protection.
Base functionality:

  • shut down windows and wake up when UPS is on battery or resumed to online
  • shut down linux and wake up (this part is an SSH communication, and so it uses the WinSCP .NET objects)
  • stop and start windows service

The communication with UPS is based on an expandalbe approach using agents, the UPS agent has to be able to retriev the actual state of the UPS, like Status as a string, is on battery as boolean, and a value indicating the remaining time or other value relevant to the remaining time the UPS is able to provide power to the attached devices.
The service is capable of handling more UPS agents and perform different actions for each UPS.


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